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Museveni Orders Security to Deal with Rwanda’s Criminal Provocations

By: Commandonepost

President Museveni has issued a strong directive on border incursion by Rwandan security forces who illegally cross to Ugandan territory, kidnap and kill Uganda.

This is contained in a letter from Minister in charge of the presidency, Esther Mbulakubuza Mbayo to all Resident District commissioners especially those districts bordering Rwanda.
The minister informed RDCs of Rwanda’s criminal policies of shooting Ugandans.

The president also directed that Ugandans should stop going into Rwanda or those who go there should do it on their own.
The minister noted, “As for the Rwanda soldiers infiltrating into Uganda to kidnap people, the concerned agencies are already briefed as to how to deal with that provocation.”

Uganda is known for taking time to analyze such complex situations and usually act in big time way to defend her territorial integrity.

Rwanda security forces have been invading into Uganda to kidnap Ugandans from their garden where they are later paraded as smugglers for propaganda purposes.

Dozens have also lost their lives at the hands of Rwandan security forces on allegations that they are smugglers of petty goods like Waragi, cigarette etc.

All those killed Rwanda police always says they try to fight security personnels.

Strong worded letter from president Museveni’s office

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