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What is happening in the potato enclave – Rwanda?

By: Rpf Gakwerere

The clips below were taken on different dates and released by criminal Paul Kagame’s office. One was released 4 days ago and another one nearly a month ago.

These are two different speeches released on completely different dates. But the video clips show the same clothes, exact same position and movements. Sic!

We continue following drama from criminal Paul Kagame’s office. What oppressed and enslaved Rwandans want, its to see their ruler, not doctored photos and 3 minutes video clips.

Oppressed and enslaved Rwandans miss their brutal ruler, they are tired of seeing him on doctored photos and 3 minutes clip; they just want to see him in public. It is approaching to seven months without being seen in public.

In 2015, after a failed coup d’etat in Burundi, a coup d’etat that criminal Paul Kagame was the architecture, planner, financier and mastermind. In regard to Burundi’s President Peter Nkurunziza (R.I.P), the brutal ruler of Rwanda noted, “We have spent months without seeing him, he is nowhere to be seen, the international community wants to talk to him but he can’t be found, the citizens don’t know where he is……etc.” The same man who mocked president Peter Nkurunziza is nowhere to be seen except in doctored pictures and few minutes clips released by his office.

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