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Dictator Paul Kagame Declares His Intentions To Continue Ruling The Enclave – Rwanda

By: Robert Patrick Fati Gakwerere

In New York, in an interview with French Magazine, Jeune Afrique, Criminal Paul Kagame announced that he will be a candidate for a fourth term, during the 2024 Presidential election in Rwanda.

Obviously, this isn’t news for those in the Great lakes region. The bloodthirsty ruler knows without presidential power/immunity, his next address would be a maximum prison for all sorts of crimes against humanity and economic crimes.

“I am indeed a candidate. I am happy with the trust that the Rwandans place in me. I will always serve them, as much as I can and when I can,” Criminal Kagame declared to Jeune Afrique’s journalist, François Soudan.

Jeune Afrique is one of most corrupt and unethical magazine (news outlets) in the world. For years, Criminal PaulKagame has paid Jeune Afrique as a Public Relations outlet – mouthpiece, and the Magazine has tried its best to sell the world’s contemporary Hitler using fictitious data, fabrications and lies.

Criminal Paul Kagame, who became Rwanda’s dictator in 2000, is eligible to continue in office indefinitely after raping the country’s constitutional in 2015, with amendments that changed term limits thus allowing him to be the country’s permanent ruler. Under Kagame’s brutal rule, elections means totally nothing in Rwanda, just a waste of resources.

In August 2017, Criminal Paul Kagame awarded himself a seven year term with 99% Presidential election win. In a Presidential election that Criminal Paul Kagame contested against Criminal Paul Kagame. A Stalinist Presidential contest where a dictator awards himself whatever percentage he/she wishes in order to grab the presidency.

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