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DR Congo: Maj General Peter Cirimwami appointed Commander of Military Operations in North Kivu.

By: Robert Patrick Fati Gakwerere

On the 17th September 2023, Maj General Peter Cirimwami was appointed commander of military operations in North Kivu and at the same time, interim Governor of North Kivu region. He replaces Lieutenant – General Constant Ndima, who was recalled to the capital, Kinshasa in early September for a consultation after the 30th August crackdown on Wazalendo protesters.

Maj Gen Peter Cirimwami

All sources in DR Congo indicates that Maj Gen Peter Cirimwami has been appointed the commander of military operation in North Kivu. He replaces Lt Gen Constant Ndima who was recalled to Kinshasa at the beginning of September for a consultation after the 30 August Goma event.

This appointment was today, Monday, 18th September 2023, confirmed by DR Congo’s Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of the Interior, Peter Kazadi, while talking to the press in North Kivu provincial Capital – Goma. Peter Kazadi noted, “General Peter Cirimwami is the new interim military governor of North Kivu, replacing General Constant Ndima recalled to Kinshasa”.

Maj Gen Peter Cirimwami

Maj Gen Cirimwami is a career military officer of FARDC/DR Congo army. He has held several command positions during his career, including head of the 32nd Infantry Brigade and the 12th Military Region. He was the commander of Operation Sokola 1 and later Operation Sokola 2, which involves the neutralization of the ADF, Mai Mai groups and other negative forces in North Kivu.

Maj Gen Peter Cirimwami is an experienced field and competent military officer.

The appointment of General Cirimwami comes as the security situation in North Kivu remains worrying. RDF-M23 is still present in North Kivu, controlling a sway of territory, taxing and mining in areas under their control.

However, Lt Gen Constant Ndima is still the Governor of North Kivu. A sources told me, although replaced from the post of North Kivu military operation commander, Lt Gen Constant Ndima is still North Kivu’s Governor.

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