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On The 3rd Attempt, RDF-M23 Captures Mushaki Centre In Masisi, DR Congo

By: Robert Patrick Fati Gakwerere

While Dictator Paul Kagame is slowly bringing his daughter, Co – Vice president – ruthless Ange Kagame to political limelight, the selfish brutal dictator is at the same time sending Rwandan youths through RDF-M23 terror group to their deaths in DRC. Rwandan youths are recruited or forcefully kidnapped to join RDF-M23 terror franchise, given basic military training and then sent in DRC to be slaughtered by FARDC. Just losing their lives in Criminal Paul Kagame’s mineral war.

Dictator Paul Kagame and Co vice-president Ange Kagame met with Hugh Evans, CEO & Co-Founder of Global Citizen, Francine Katsoudas, Co-Chair of Global Citizen, and delegation ahead of tonight’s debut Move Afrika Rwanda

Criminal Paul Kagame is evil, narcissistic, cruel and callous to the core. Just a psychopath – brutal ruler.

Back to my political outcry, as long as Criminal Paul Kagame is still the ruler of Rwanda, the Great Lakes region will never taste or see any peace.

On Monday, 4th December 2023, starting at 4:00 AM, Dictator Paul Kagame’s boys initiated an attack on Mushaki from three distinct entry points. The fighting against FARDC units endured for 12 hours, during which FARDC successfully repelled the assault, albeit with significant casualties on RDF-M23 side.

RDF-M23 Soldiers in Masisi, DR Congo

In a subsequent engagement on 5th December 2023, RDF-M23 terrorists again undertook another suicide mission to Mushaki, but were neutralized within 4 hours of intense combat. This time, FARDC used Sukhoi 25 to kill off RDF-M23’s suicide mission. Again, deaths onside of RDF-M23 was very high.

Understanding and implementing strategies to minimize risks to soldiers’ lives is a fundamental principle taught in military war colleges. However, this key operation principle isn’t being applied by RDF-M23 commanders in DR Congo. They are sending soldiers to be slaughtered by FARDC. Rwandan youths under RDF-M23 are dying in a senseless war, Criminal Paul Kagame’s mineral war.

Today, 7th December 2023, early hours, at around 02:00 AM, Eastern DR Congo time, RDF-M23 made another attempt on Mushaki from three different entry points. By 10:00 AM, Eastern DR Congo time, they had captured Mushaki with its surrounding hills.

RDF-M23 Soldiers in Masisi, DR Congo

I have NEVER SEEN serial inepts like Dictator Paul Kagame’s mental goons. They all have iced/frozen brains, no critical thinking within their dull DNA.

They are now celebrating the capture of Mushaki. Captured at what cost, especially in terms of human lives?

Is it the first time RDF has captured Mushaki? Not at all! At the end, the mineral centre is always returned to government control, and those RDF soldiers who lose their lives in its capture die for TOTALLY NOTHING.

Previously, the mineral centre of Mushaki had been captured by 1) RDF/RPA – AFDL 2) RDF/RPA-RDC and 3) RDF-CNDP, at the end, despite loss of RDF lives in its capture, the centre is always returned into the hands of the Central government (DR Congo).

Like previous occasions, the town will again return in the hands of the central government, and those RDF-M23 soldiers who have died in its capture will have lost their precious lives for nothing, and Kagame or his satanic regime will never remember any of them.

How many lives must die for Paul Kagame’s greed for DRC minerals to end?

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