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Bloodthirsty Dictator – Criminal Paul Kagame Doesn’t Cease To Amuse Me!!! 

By: Rpf Gakwerere

The bloodthirsty killer fears TRUTH. He has created a cocoon around himself, where he believes that no single individual should question him. To question him, is a taboo punishable by incarceration, disappearances, kidnappings, torture or the ultimate price of death.

In fear of truth, criminal Paul Kagame has developed machiavellian tendencies of indignation and gimmick fantasies. When you listen to most of his speeches, they portray a prerogative of compassionate, caring and pro-people, while underneath, his a ruthless criminal who’s obsessed with power and ready to eliminate and assassinate anyone who has divergent views which are contrary to his sick narratives. In his hypocrisy, he has diverted his failings on the door steps of others, while proclaiming to his constituency that his an angel, only at the helm for the sole purpose of serving the people.

As years have gone, Rwanda’s bloodthirsty killer started assuming “Godly” status powers, he started referring to himself as the giver, the taker, the life provider, the job giver, the sacker, the installer, “I am the only one”……..the Criminal dude in Kigali is now being referred as Jesus’ twin brother and the saviour of oppressed and enslaved souls. … “sic”!!!. As his zealous and egoistic DNA genes reached his medulla oblongata, he started dreaming that Rwanda is his personal property or inheritance acquired from his father. Criminal Paul Kagame treats fellow citizens as owned subjects, house boys/girls and oppressed slaves in his plantation. He is always singing the tunes of madness that WITH OUT HIM, RWANDA WILL CEASE TO EXIST, in other words, the bloodthirsty criminal is Rwanda.

He has weakened all state institutions as a means to control the masses; everything is controlled from the centre. Fabricated, lying and favourable narratives about him are acclaimed by inept, greedy, selfish subversive servants and their highly paid public relations machines. In real, the bloodthirsty skinny despot is FAKE!!!

Enablers, cronies and trusted subjects are always appointed and recycled in different posts in order protect the status quo, in this case, Kagame’s bloodthirsty and corrupt dictatorship.

Criminal Paul Kagame’s mercenary minions and goons are always singing hymens of doctored praises reminiscent of Nazi vigilantes. To them, debate is a no go area, as they fear truth or challenges to their wrong concocted narratives. Intimidation is their only game play!!! But, at the end, this bloodthirsty dictator will shoot himself down. His ruthlessness will be his own down fall.

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