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By: Rpf Gakwerere

After reading a tweet by Lt Gen Muhoozi Kainerugaba on Uncle Kagosi Owembwa, lots of questions and thoughts came in my mind. In his tweet Uganda’s commander of lands forces notes, “This is my uncle, Afande Paul Kagame. Those who fight him are fighting my family. They should all be careful.” Afande, really!!

Gen Muhoozi Kainerugaba’s tweet on Dictator Paul Kagame

1) Uncle Kagosi Owembwa who has been insulting and degrading grandmother for over five years through his media tabloids and state trolls. Screenshots of these articles from uncle Kagosi Owembwa owned tabloids are not appropriate to share on this platform.

2) Uncle Kagosi Owembwa who has been insulting, abusing and degrading father since Kisangani wars to present. Screenshots of these articles from uncle Kagosi Owembwa owned tabloids are not appropriate to share on this platform.

Uncle Kagosi Owembwa hasn’t spared Uncle Salim Saleh in his onslaught of daily insults, abuses and character assassination. Uncle Kagosi Owembwa’s tabloids cannot spend a day without character assassinating the name of a honourable uncle and hero, Gen Salim Saleh.

3) Uncle Kagosi Owembwa who has been plotting days and nights to remove father from the presidency. Planned and tried to remove him through unconstitutional means and through sponsoring opposition leaders.

4) Uncle Kagosi Owembwa who executed brothers and sisters in Kisangani 1 and 2, well knowing that Uganda had only 1 battalion as opposed to Rwanda’s three large mobile battalions with support of local militias. Uncle Kagosi Owembwa wanted a total annihilation of your brothers and sisters, thanks to the bravery of brothers and sisters who protected themselves at all cost despite the odds.

5) Uncle Kagosi Owembwa who brutally assassinated uncle Maj Reuben Ikondere on the 14th November 1999, by militias led by Bosco Ntaganda who was then operating in Ituri and Beni Territory under the full command of Uncle Kagosi Owembwa.

Lt Col Reuben Ikondere who was brutally assassinated on 14th November 1999

6) Uncle Kagosi Owembwa who brutally assassinated Uncle Brig Gen Noble Mayombo on the 1st May 2007.

Brig Gen Noble Mayombo

7) Uncle Kagosi Owembwa who brutally assassinated Col Sula Semakula, died on 9th May 2005.

Col Sula Semakula

8) Uncle Kagosi Owembwa who brutally assassin Gen James Kazini on 10th November 2009.

Gen James Kazini brutally assassinated on 10th November 2009.

Uncle Kagosi Owembwa eliminated all the above army officers and cadres because of the hate that started in DR Congo. Uncle Kagosi Owembwa’s hate is relentless, the hate that started from the Jungles of DR Congo to the streets of Kampala where he brutally assassinated these patriotic uncles.

9) Uncle Kagosi Owembwa assassinated a kind hearted man who was his best man on his wedding day, Gen Aronda Nyakairima who died on 12th September 2015. Brutally assassinated for refusing to be a double agent, and on direct request of Uncle Kagosi Owembwa, he was brutally eliminated. Uncle Kagosi Owembwa assassinated his own brother, Gen Aronda Nyakairima.

Gen Aronda Nyakairima

10) Uncle Kagosi Owembwa brutally assassinated his nephew Andrew Felix Kaweesi on 17th March 2017. Youthful nephew had become a threat to the position of Uncle Gen Kale Kayihura, he was being positioned to be the next Inspector General of Police. And to protect double agent Uncle Kale Kayihura’s job, AIGP Felix Kaweesi was eliminated.

Andrew Felix Kaweesi brutally assassinated on 17th March 2017

11) Uncle Kagosi Owembwa brutally assassinated Uncle Col Ibrahim Abiriga on 8th June 2018, a bloody assassination that was meant to cause political anarchy in Uganda. A bloodthirsty assassination that was ordered and orchestrated on direct orders of Uncle Kagosi Owembwa to tarnish the image of the supreme commander – Commander In Chief of the Republic of Uganda.

Col Ibrahim Abiriga brutally assassinated on 8th June 2018

12) In order to destabilise Uganda and create anarchy in the country, Uncle Kagosi Owembwa went for a popular police officer, ASP Muhammad Kirumira. ASP Muhammad kirumira had been suspended from police by Uncle Kagosi Owembwa’s agent Gen Kale Kayihura. ASP Muhammad kirumira was considered as a threat to Gen Kale Kayihura’s survival as the head of Uganda police. Kale Kayihura and his thugs within the police were always accusing ASP Muhammad kirumira for clandestinely briefing the press on Police corruption and brutality by Kale Kayihura and his mafia goons. To protect his agents within Uganda’s Police, Uncle Kagosi Owembwa ordered the brutal assassination of ASP Muhammad kirumira. ASP Muhammad Kirumira was killed alongside a female friend Resty Mbabazi Nalinnya near his home in Bulenga, Wakiso district on September 8, 2018.

ASP Muhammad kirumira brutally assassinated on 8th September 2018

13) Uncle Kagosi Owembwa brutally assassinated uncle Gen Fred Gisa Rwigema on 2nd October 1990, and other uncles within the Rwanda Patriotic Front. Uncle Kagosi Owembwa isn’t any type of Uncle, his a satanic uncle. Satan in human form.

Gen Fred Rwigema, the assassinated hero

14) In his unconstitutional grab of power in Uganda, Uncle Kagosi Owembwa’s plan against the first family was that of brutal elimination as another double agent Uncle Gen Kale Kayihura takes the highest office in the land. For years, Uncle Kagosi Owembwa has always preferred Uncle Kizza Besigye, Uncle Gen Kale Kayihura, and of recently brother Bobi Wine to occupy the highest office in the land.

Double agent Kale Kayihura and a ruthless assassin

15) Does Uncle Kagosi Owembwa consider you as a nephew? Or an enemy to be crashed at all cost. Underground communications between Uncle Gen Kale Kayihura and his boss Uncle Kagosi Owembwa said alot.

16) Uncle Kagosi Owembwa has earmarked numerous nephews and brothers within the UPDF for assassination. What type of an Uncle who continously kills his own nephews and brothers?

17) Uncle Kagosi Owembwa has led to more than 6 million deaths in the greatlakes region, Millions of orphans cry each day at the mention of his name.

Uncle Kagosi Owembwa

18) Without forgetting, Uncle Kagosi Owembwa brutally eliminated beautiful auntie Joy Agaba Rwigema On the night of 22 November 19, this after years of being harassed and denied all her basic rights including having a passport or leaving the country for any form of foreign trip.

Assassinated Joy Agaba, Gen Fred Rwigema’s young sister

19) Recently, Uncle Kagosi Owembwa demonstrated his enormous hateful character during the wedding of Teta Gisa Rwigema.

20) Etc….

Uncle Kagosi Owembwa’s place should be a maximum prison or hell where he came from. He is a serial killer, warmonger and hateful assassin who’s place should be a maximum prison or a psychiatric prison.

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