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Mortality And Morality: Reflecting On The Cycle Of Life And The Consequences Of Greed – Alice Akana Has Died

By: Robert Patrick Fati Gakwerere

In 2018, acting on instructions from Rwanda’s external intelligence, Alice Akana harbored lethal intentions towards certain individuals. She turned into a notorious external intelligence operative with intentions of hunting details of anti Kagame critics. Fast forward to today, 7th April 2024, and Alice Akana herself has succumbed to the inevitable end all humans face: death.

Maj Gen Eric Murokore, Alice Akana, Gen James Kabarebe and Maj Gen Alex Kagame.

This turn of events brings to light a profound question: Why do some individuals harbor desires for others’ demise when the shadow of mortality looms over us all? Every person is bound by the same fate—a finite existence, a limited lifespan, making us all inherently vulnerable to the passage of time and the certainty of death.

Alice Akana’s inquiry message on certain anti Kagame critics

It’s critical to take caution, especially when engaging with seemingly enticing propositions. The “Criminal Paul Kagame’s come and see project,” as mentioned, is flagged as perilous, a veritable death trap. Moreover, any entanglements with figures like Paul Kagame are advised against, attributed to the dangers they present, potentially ensnaring individuals driven by greed—those metaphorically thirsty for “Caesar’s bloody coins.”

Alice Akana’s inquiry/conversations message on certain anti Kagame critics.

This narrative serves as a stark reminder of our shared vulnerabilities and the consequences of succumbing to avarice, urging a reflection on the values and decisions that guide our actions in the face of our collective mortality.

Alice Akana alongside Criminal Paul Kagame

Those blessed with a good heart and noble intentions find themselves under God’s protective embrace. Persist in prayer, for with each prayer, you draw closer to His divine favor and guidance.

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