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Criminal Paul Kagame: A hyped Narcissistic character

Humans are totally quick learners, caught in a difficult situation they will adapt to the situation and change accordingly. When under a criminal regime, they will embrace the status quo and behave accordingly. As Rwanda’s criminal regimes evolved since independence, different rulers from Kayibanda to the current ruler Kagame are always over hyped by Rwandans to the level of “godly” status, with their criminal flaws painted as achievements. Its only after their brutal deaths that there failures are cursed and most especially denounced by those who served these respective regimes to their ends.

Currently, with a narcissistic personality as a ruler, Rwandan citizens have found ways to survive through learning characters of a narcissistic individual. To survive, they have inflated a sense of criminal Kagame’s importance, provided a camouflaged admiration to the dictator and provided a double faced love which is based on fear rather than their inner convictions. But under this facade of lies and pretense, they well know the truth of their criminal ruler and patiently waiting for the D day.

Today, those who predominantly denounce Habyarimana’s regime are those who served the brutal regime to the end and evolved to serve a new master – criminal Paul Kagame. The real architecture of the tutsi genocide are seating on high table as policy makers in conjunction with another genocidaire – Paul Kagame. Genuine and real transformation can’t be achieved with gross human right abusers at the helm. Never!!!

Narcissistic characters totally love exaggerated feelings of self-importance and excessive need for admiration. Don’t try to criticize them, any criticism will fetch incarceration, torture and assassinations to your door step.

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