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By: Rpf Gakwerere

Few years back, criminal Paul Kagame’s cousin – Peace Rwivanga who lives in Norway came to Rwanda with Norwegian investors. These were gas investors who wanted an opportunity to extract gas from lake Kivu.

Leader of J3 mafia gang, assassin Gen James Kabarebe

Peace Rwivanga had smartly peached to these oil and gas investors about opportunities in Rwanda. With her convincing and what these investors were hearing from Rwanda, the usual PR lies that come from the potato enclave. The investors accepted to try it out.

While in Kigali, Peace Rwivanga asked for an audience to me his cousin criminal Paul Kagame, but this audience was totally denied by underlying influence of the J3 mafias with the help of Jeannette Kagame Gasana.

The J3 mafias already had a company that they were planning to give the bid of exploring/studying and extracting gas from lake Kivu.

Another reason for working hard to stop Peace Rwivanga from meeting her cousin – criminal Paul Kagame, the J3 mafia most especially deceitful assassin – James Kabarebe didn’t want Peace Rwivanga to tell criminal Paul Kagame the truth behind the persecution of his brother Col Willy Rwivanga Bagabe, who was later assassinated due to fabricated and deceitful information treacherous – assassin James Kabarebe was constantly feeding criminal Paul Kagame.

Below, a link on the elimination of an innocent RDF officer – Willy Rwivanga Bagabe.

The J3 mafias didn’t not only clandestinely stop Peace Rwivanga from meeting her cousin in order to introduce these gas executives from Norway, but the J3 mafias (James Kabarebe, Jack Nziza and James Musoni) also schemed and conned out money from these oil and gas executives from Norway.

James Musoni presented lies to these Norwegian investors, and in return these investors presented feasibility plan, project overview plan, investment capacity..etc, they also gave James Musoni what western businesses refer as gifts, under the assurance that they will get the bid to exploit and extract gas from lake Kivu. And this is the last time the notorious ex minister ever met them, he avoided all calls from Norway.

J3 mafia gang member, James Musoni

For Peace Rwivanga, her reputation was shattered due to J3 mafias and her brother Col Willy Rwivanga Bagabe was later assassinated by these same mafia gang that had destroyed her reputation.

From reliable sources, Peace Rwivanga is now a born again christian, always waving to Jesus 24/7, Jesus Christ’s names aren’t  far from her lips and constantly singing christian hymns.

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