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In remembrance of commander Foca Foca

In the evening, on a rainy Sunday, Foca Foca as he was referred in military communication, the commander of Charlie mobile force emerged from a military tent that by then, he was sharing with commander Dodo and Commander Musitu.

Foca Foca called for a fall-in, on that rainy sunday, his briefing to his Charlie mobile force was to capture Muhabura and the surrounding. The RPA’s overall operation Commander, Steven Ndugute had Identified Muhabura hill and the surroundings as a good strategic area for the Radio antenna project and the area was militarily strategic.

No one else within the Rwanda Patriotic Front would execute this crucial plan with easy than Foca Foca – captain Cyiza, whose military pedigree started in Idi Amin’s army to Museveni’s bush wars. He commanded NRA battalion against Alice Lakwena in Easter Uganda, fought in Northern Uganda. In military theology, Foca Foca would be classified as true military field commander, the priest of ground military operation.

As the heavy rain poured, in strong swahili, Foca Foca briefed his young boys the reason Muhabura has to be captured, he talked on how the Gods have blessed the day with the rain. In his words, “the weather will allow us to harass and frustrate the enemy.” “To night, the Gods are on our side.” He identified the coy which will attack in order to test the capacity and response of the enemy.

That night, Charlie mobile force moved towards Muhabura and the surroundings. Within one hour of fighting, the area was captured with less effort. The first attack coy was able to secure the area. Within few months, the birth of Radio Muhabura.

Commander Foca Foca was a professional, disciplined and clean commander. No where his names are mentioned in any human rights abuses. One important grace of this man, he treated all his troops fairly – referring to them as ” wavijana wangu.”

In the RPA/RPF liberation war, he gave it all, him and his boys fighting in difficult frontlines. After the war, allowing some Rwandans who didn’t have a country to finally return home and handing the Country to Kagame. Like other great RPA military commanders, he was first demoted from lt colonel to lieutenant, then assassinated by criminal Paul Kagame.

Death was an appreciation that was rewarded to this great man. Death was the only praise that Kagame gave to this great commander. A man who spent 4 years of the RPA/RPF wars on frontline commanding, while criminal Paul Kagame was making babies to his wife at Kale Kayihura’s house in Ntinda – Kampala.

20 years along the line, the criminal who spent his time making love to his wife, sleeping with different types of female RPF cadres, eliminating his comrades like Rwigema et al, killing civilians…etc, he is now being imaged as a hero of all heroes. A hero in what?? Since when did serial killers be referred as heroes? I may not know, may be is a hero in wanking his head off!! Heroism and criminality are parallel concepts.

I salute Foca Foca and those great cammanders who lost their lives at the hands of this butcher. God willing, truth will one day come out to honour your heroism.

Blessed week folks!

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