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‘‘ Freedoms, democracy, human rights and rights to live are none negotiable ’’


By: Rpf Gakwerere

For the past 20+ years, what criminal Paul Kagame alias Pilato has successfully managed, it’s to divide oppressed and enslaved citizens of the enclave.

This is an enclave were it’s population are engaged in spying and reporting each other to the satanic system ruling the enclave. The over populated citizens of the enclave have all turned into spy operatives where parents report the children and vice versa, a wife reports a husband and vice versa, a neighbour reports a neighbour, work colleagues reporting each…etc, in short it’s a pure police state with a brutal dictactor at the helm.

Trust within the enclave is a rare commodity, oppressed and enslaved citizens don’t trust each, they are always in a worry of each other. The social fabric of the society has been decimated. It’s a society of heartless and cruel individuals that are ready to betray each other even their own blood for survival. Lies, fabrications, incarceration, torture and killings by the satanic system have been normalized and made into state norms.

There are hundreds of thousands of case studies, but lets look at the recent case of Lt Col Patrick karuretwa. Lt Col Patrick karuretwa is the current PPS (Principal Private secretary) of criminal Paul Kagame alias Pilato. Prior to being the PSS, he served as a close body guard of criminal Paul Kagame for the last 20+ years. For the last five years, Pilato doesn’t travel anywhere without Lt Col Patrick karuretwa being with him.

Lt Col Patrick karuretwa

Within the enclave’s security apparatus, they always refer Lt Col Patrick karuretwa as an ADC rather than PPS. Recently, a senior RDF officer told me that, “Patrick karuretwa is Afande’s Aide de camp than a personal private secretary. His functions are more of an ADC, a chief escort than a PPS. His Afande’s OC kivera.”

Lt Col Patrick karuretwa was brought into criminal Paul Kagame’s protection detail by Pilato’s former blue eyed boy, Brig Gen Emmanuel Ndahiro. Within few years on Pilato’s close protection team, Patrick karuretwa gained the trust of both Pilato and his estranged wife Jeannette Kagame Gasana. He spent years in America as chief security officer for Pilato’s children who had just been relocated to USA for secondary and university studies. His detailed briefings to Pilato and the estranged wife Jeannette Kagame Gasana about their children in USA propelled Patrick karuretwa into the inner circle of the satanic ruling system.

Lt Col Patrick karuretwa a man who’s always travelling with criminal Paul Kagame

Despite death merchant Jack Nziza trying to derail and fail him, Patrick Karuretwa handled the situation very well. Death merchant Jack Nziza detests, dislikes and loathes Lt Col Patrick karuretwa because is merely a brother inlaw to Brig Gen Emmanuel Ndahiro, one of his arch enemy. The deep seated pure hatred between death merchant Jack Nziza and Dr poison – Emmanuel Ndahiro is well known hate rivalry within the satanic system and Pilato play a significant role in igniting and sustaining this rivalry.

After properly entering the inner circle, Patrick karuretwa has protected his status at all cost without sparing his own family. Angelique Kantengwa, a relative was incarcerated by Pilato under false charges, now his brother inlaw – Brig Gen Emmanuel Ndahiro has been under incarceration at Kanombe senior military detention centre for the past 3 weeks and Lt Col Patrick karuretwa can’t dare visit him or question the circumstances behind his arrest.

Lt Col Patrick karuretwa wouldn’t be where he is without the help and support of his brother inlaw, Brig Gen Emmanuel Ndahiro. Like any inclusion within the satanic system, nepotism is key, if it wasn’t for nepotism 90% of minions within the satanic system wouldn’t be in position they hold.

Currently, in order to protect his position within the satanic system, Lt Col Patrick karuretwa has forsake his brother inlaw – Brig Gen Emmanuel Ndahiro, his sister who’s married to Brig Gen Emmanuel Ndahiro, his nieces and nephews.

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