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By: Rpf Gakwerere

Today, it’s exactly 29 years since those you assumed to be your brothers and comrades assassinated you. They have worked hard to bury your legacy, tried to tarnish your name, they have made your family destitute, only to be cared and saved by your real brother RO/00016.

Today, 29 years since your life was taken away, commander, those who assassinated you are still killing and haven’t stopped. They are hunting us down for questioning their brutal regime. They have oppressed Rwandans and turned them into slaves.

Gen Fred Rwigema

The architecture of your assassination, skinny ass – 57 Kg dictactor, that you picked in Wilson street in Kampala is now the landlord of Rwanda, now being referred as Jesus’s twin or the messiah. Since your assassination on 1st October 1990, slim shady has orchestrated the assassination of 4 presidents, 1 king, several high ranking military officers, millions of Africans especially in the greatlakes region, and all perished through his orders.

Commander, all the mentioned killings are being carried out in different jurisdictions. Not only in Rwanda. Skinny ass has become a cancer in the region. Commander, your senior brother – RO/0001 has a new analogy for him, a jigger!

Commander, those boys from Basima house that you used to refer as killers have shattered and destroyed your dreams, vision and aspirations that you always fought for and wished for everyone.

Commander, the irony, those who assassinated you, over the years, have eliminated each other as they position themselves for the cake. Cammander, with due respect, Mbega (Intelligence Officer) as you used to refer him, has outsmarted every one and now is the owner of Rwanda.

Commander, magezi mangi/akili mingi as you used to refer him, has destroyed the social fabric of the Rwandan society. Slim shady’s land has become a police state. A brother reports a brother, a mother reports a child, a child reports a father, a wife reports a husband…etc, it’s a land of spies and betraying even your own blood is a trend. The society has lost its morals, cultural behaviours, ethics and love no longer exist in the hearts of Rwandans.

Commander, just imagine a wife poisoning his own husband for a sole purpose of being rewarded by Slim Shady. Killing is a norm and state policy.

Commander, those who assassinated you also killed everything that you believed in. For your RPF party, after your assassination, an incarnation of a SATANIC system was reborn with a personalised cult leader at its helm, skinny ass – 57 Kg dictactor.

Commander, the cries are endless and one may not know where to stop. Let me stop by saying, R.I.P, I salute you the highest the salute, a salute meant for real generals, a general that I totally love, admire and respect.

Commander, I hope your spirit will always guide those activists who are fighting against political vampires. And for Slim Shady, and his satanic system, without doubt, they will be smoked out.

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