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‘‘ Freedoms, democracy, human rights and rights to live are none negotiable ’’


By: Rpf Gakwerere

The presidency is a public position, being a public position; the presidency is bound for public scrutiny, investigation, criticism, rebukes and judgement. Worldwide, public servants are not privileged to any single privacy. They are not like you and I, they are receivers of tax payer’s money. They are servants of their voters, thus open to scrutiny from those they are serving – voters/citizens. It is from this background that we need to expose immorality, criminalities, misbehaviours….etc from those that are in public offices. If only proper democracy would be allowed in the potato enclave  – Rwanda in order to screen public figures before they’re able to come to power.

Ange Kagame and Pio Mugabo daughters

These are people who swear the oath of upholding ethical behaviours and what I am going to share, it is one of numerous infringements of public ethical behaviours by criminal Paul Kagame.

Around the year 95 to 2000, criminal Paul Kagame got closer to the family of Pio Mugabo. This was the time after the genocide, and criminal Paul Kagame was the vice president and minister of defence – defector ruler of Rwanda. Within the intelligence circle, DMI which wanted to destroy PL political party, identified Pio Mugabo as a weak link to use in this venture, DMI investigation earmarked Pio Mugabo as a drunkard who used to get drunk, sleep and pee on himself in bars. Knowing this weakness, DMI and criminal Paul Kagame himself approached Pio Mugabo in a hatched ploy to destroy PL political party, something that the Rwandan criminal achieved.

In this case, Rwanda’s criminal ruler didn’t only manage to destroy PL political Party, but he also managed to destroy Pio Mugabo’s marriage, a marriage that has remained as a union of convenience.

Due to their working relationship, while planning to destroy PL political party, criminal Paul Kagame and Pio Mugabo developed a found closeness. Criminal Paul Kagame started visiting Pio Mugabo’s family home almost 2 times a week and Pio Mugabo was rewarded with a Justice ministry. While criminal Paul Kagame was getting closer to the family, he ended up even getting closer to Pio Mugabo’s wife, Immaculée Mugabo or Imakulata like they call her in Kigali.

Their relationship got deeper as the husband – Pio Mugabo was busy in bars around Kigali enjoying his whisky. Criminal Paul Kagame is a mental case who assumes that, to undermine a man is to sleep with his wife. We all know several examples of married women he has bedded – the list is endless, especially those who refused his advances when he was still in Uganda.

Rwanda’s chief deranged ruler hasn’t even spared those girls in Merryhill or Bweranyangi who refused his advances when he was still in Ntare during his O levels; that is if you’re currently not living in Rwanda… Bosco Rusagara, Rwandans feel the pain you’re going through, but that is the price of trying to befriend Lucifer, sometimes, your wife becomes the sacrificial lamb.

In 2000, after the criminal getting tired of the YOYO, as he always does with other married women, he dumped Pio Mugabo’s wife and family. Rwanda’s criminal ruler will use you, eat your wife’s goods and then dumps you; he is totally great in humiliation chess game.

Despite dumping Pio Mugabo’s family, the Children kept a good relationship since they were both going to the same school – Greenhill Academy. Ange Kagame became close to Sonia Mugabo, and their friendship continued even when they went to USA for their education. When criminal Paul Kagame’s children would come to Rwanda for their holidays, they would visit each other with Pio Mugabo’s children.

With this family relation continuing through their children, Rwanda’s devious criminal ruler set his eyes on grown up Denise Umunyana Mugabo, the first Child of Pio Mugabo and wife of Jean Claude Nkurikiyimpfura and the criminal fell for her, maybe thinking she was sweeter than the mama.

As always, Rwanda’s fake hero engaged himself and made his advances, as usual, the young girl fell to Lucifer’s advances and started having an affair – relationship with criminal Paul Kagame. All over certain, she became a small queen at Airtel being promoted to head the HR department, as Lucifer continued to enjoy her YOYO, she was advised to resign from Airtel to start her own business called Right Seat. This company has all Human Resource contracts in Rwanda.

When Sano of REG didn’t award her a contract due to pricing, he preferred to award the bidding contract to a cheap and efficient HR firm, it cost him his job. Sano forgot a simple law of survival in criminal Paul Kagame’s Kingdom, the unwritten law of awarding all contracts to the Kagames and in this case, it was his married side chick.

Her young sister Teddy Mpinganzima Mugabo was hired by criminal Paul Kagame to work within her office in the communication department. Her hiring faced stiff resistance from criminal Paul Kagame’s estranged wife. She knew the past and present sexual affairs between her husband and females within Pio Mugabo’s house hold. The young girl was only saved by the 2015 scandal when criminal Paul Kagame came to know that he is not the biological father of his third child, the scandal that side-lined Jeannette Kagame, and now living under a marriage of convenience, with Jeannette Kagame bound in Muhazi only to appear in Kigali when needed.

Teddy Mpinganzima Mugabo moved to become Paul Kagame’s internal aid within the president’s office – this involves making tea, arranging documents for Lucifer, privilege to enter his office as she wishes, visiting presidential suits within the president’s residence and conducting massages.

In short, she is criminal Paul Kagame’s errand girl in the president’s office and different quarters are suspecting that Lucifer may also be having an affair with her. But two different sources at the rank above a major within the presidential guard confined to me that, he is only having an affair with the married sister – Denise Umunyana Mugabo.

When Kagame knew that Teddy Mpinganzima Mugabo, young sister to his side chick Denise Umunyana Mugabo was going out with Robert Habiyakare, criminal Paul Kagame was not happy, because his intelligence services had identified that, one of the parent was a hutu, the father of Robert Habiyakare was identified as a HUTU with no single Tutsi blood. Something that criminal Paul Kagame didn’t approve, especially a trusted aid and a sister to his side chick having a relationship to someone who has a father who is 100% hutu despite the young man having a Tutsi mother, and the family of Pio was not happy with this relationship. According to different sources, in terms of looks, Robert Habiyakare is totally handsome.

Teddy Mpinganzima Mugabo was then ordered to quit the relationship by criminal Paul Kagame, but her heart stayed with Robert and even after, she was still in touch with Robert until threats to both parties led to stoppage in any form of communication between these young lovers.

In order to stop Teddy Mpinganzima Mugabo from continuously thinking about Robert Habiyakare, criminal Paul Kagame moved in to organise his bodyguard to marry her. Criminal Paul Kagame ordered one of his escort, Lt (now Captain) Emmanuel Niyonshuti to marry her, a move that didn’t impress his daughter Ange Kagame, the photo below will attest.

Ange Kagame as a bridesmaid

For Kagame, he has other interior motives, the bigger vision of turning the presidential guard brigade into a family business. After this arranged marriage in January 2018, Lt Emmanuel Niyonshuti was turned into a very trusted close protection body guard and promoted to a Captain, ranks and other advanges started coming to his way the same way Gen Jean Bosco Kazura was vigorously promoted on daily basis.

In front of criminal Paul Kagame, Lt (now Captain) Emmanuel Niyonshuti has added advantages; he fits all the criteria and master plans as envisaged by criminal Paul Kagame. He is a mwega and marrying a young sister to Kagame’s married side chick – Denise Umunyana Mugabo, in short, they are what banyarwanda refer to as – Abenda hamwe.? All
Sources indicate that Teddy Mpinganzima Mugabo is an excellent and well behaved girl.

Emmanuel Niyonshuti and Teddy

Unfortunately, she was forced to enter in arranged marriage that the bridegroom and bride didn’t want or bargain for. They are from different background; with different tastes and preferrences…they don’t have any single vibe. Teddy Mpinganzima Mugabo was denied to marry the love of his life, while the young presidential guard didn’t have plans to marry now; he was still enjoying his life and exploring different sexual goodies before he decides to settle down.

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