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‘‘ Freedoms, democracy, human rights and rights to live are none negotiable ’’


Hello there, my write up today is about Tom Ndahiro a k a, Peter Mahirwe, and hundreds of other pseudo names that he uses to attack people like me who dares to criticize his supposedly “democratic government of Rwanda.”

Notorious Kagamist goon, Tom Ndahiro alias Peter Mahirwe alias Rutwe

Yes, Tom Ndahiro or whatever you call your sorry self, true, I and seventy women victims of your government’s brutality, plus a few other activists founded who are promoting SELFWORTH INITIATIVE and yes at it’s whelm, is me, but this is a Non Governmental Organisation that doesn’t only promote rights but also does development work and our focus groups are not only the rural marginalized but also refugees and immigrants. We all know that  your fellow Rwandese make up the biggest number of refugees and immigrants in our country, Uganda.

So I am clearing this up not because of being fearful of your accusation, but so you and your fellow propagandists can stop trivializing my fight with your regime.

I know that in trying to tag me to your opposition groups such as RNC, FDRL and RUD, you politicise my fight with your dictatorship, but let me clear it up for you, politics is not my game, because it’s cheap, it’s always about QUID pro QUO and my fight is for humanity.

See, I didn’t even know, nor did I even care about the leadership in your country up until you brought the fight to my door steps, not only by kidnapping my husband but also taking war to his birth place, DR Congo.

And this fight, will not end by your government reporting Uganda to Angola or even signing MOU with my government, nooo, it can only end when you stop brutalising and suppressing humanity.

However, knowing that you and your fellow propagandists have since gotten full time jobs of attacking me and those other fellow activist that refuse to look the other way as your government continues to dehumanize humanity, I had to make this clear so your argument about us can be put into proper perspective.

Ooh and seeing that your only life time ambition is to be remembered as an obedient servant of the EMPEROR, I advise you to ask for a job at his farm, so you can have a chance of seeing him every time he passes by to check on his cows.

By doing this, you will have achieved your life time dream of serving the Rwandan Jesus as his recently known; and perhaps he will remember you when he reaches his heavenly kingdom as a faithful disciple that stood with him while he was still saving Rwandese people from being harrased and killed by the government of Uganda, hmmm.

Eeh, before I forget, please tell your DMI boss, that I saw one MASENGESHO DAVID, yes, that young sergeant that he sent to Kampala to silence me, tell him that he has no clue where and how to get me, and in his typical brain washed mind he thinks that I am one celebrity terrorist, such as Bin Ladden and so he keeps brandishing my pictures, hoping for everyone to know me, asking where I work and stay.

Head of DMI, notorious assassin Brig Gen Vincent Nyakarundi

Hmmm, I always had a false belief, just like most people, that the Rwanda’s spies and assassins are very smart until I came across this one.

Anyway, I advise you to deploy him to countries like Mozambique, knowing that he recently sneaked in and killed one pastor HAKIZIMANA JEAN DUE DIER, as for me he has failed and as for his colleague, a one KAZIMIL, I advise you to deploy him back to DR Congo, perhaps he can kill poor banyamulenge, since the guy seems to be confused, he speaks a mixture of Lingala, Congolese Swahili, kinyarwanda and luganda, which leaves him sounding like a zombie.

Please also tell DMI that next time that they send an assassin, let them have golden pistol, not this fake silencer that you claim to be undetectable super gun, see if I am to be killed for a noble cause of defending humanity, I wish to be killed with a golden gun for golden cause.

Huuu, the evilness of your government is threatening to strip me of my Christianity, see as an Adventist I would be in church for it’s a Sabbath day, but I am ranting over evil acts, hmm.

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