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By: Rpf Gakwerere

In the potato enclave, when criminal Paul Kagame turns you from an asset to a liability, if you can’t remove him as the head of the Satanic regime, it’s time for you to exit the potato enclave.

Now, it’s a time for Lt Col Charles Shema alias “Runyonzo” to turn from an asset to a liability. Lt Col Charles Shema is related to criminal Paul Kagame through mother’s side, they are cousins. But history has shown how criminal Paul Kagame has eliminated several of his cousins who were in his malitia army – RDF, thus, Lt Col Charles Shema won’t be an exceptional.

I remember in the late 1980s, a day when Lt Col Charles Shema graduated from Makerere University, overnight turning into a village hero, with youthful Charles Shema receiving several gifts of cows like newly married couples. Throughout his career, he has been in external intelligence and Criminal Paul Kagame’s advance security team.

He is well educated and very intelligence, but his cousin – criminal Paul Kagame didn’t give him an opportunity to advance his educational career both military or mainstream education, despite several requests to go for advance command and military course or be allowed to study a master’s degree. Criminal Paul Kagame personally blocked all his education requests.

After Brig Gen Francis Mutiganda as the director of external intelligence, Lt Col Charles Shema thought he was next in the queue to be the director of external intelligence, but criminal Paul Kagame had other plans. After dumping Brig Gen Francis Mutiganda, criminal Paul Kagame appointed retired col Anaclet Kabalita to lead external intelligence to devastation of Lt Col Charles Shema who expected to head the post.

Now, Lt Col Charles Shema has turned from an asset to a liability. Remember, he knows too much of criminal Paul Kagame’s secrets. For criminal Paul Kagame, a liability that knows too much is quickly eliminated. Lt Col Charles Shema is in privy of many assassinations, both external and internal; and when your turned into a liability, criminal Paul Kagame cannot allow you to stay alive with such information regarding to his crimes.

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