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By: Rpf Gakwerere

Potato enclave’s deranged dictator – Criminal Paul Kagame won’t April salaries for judges, Parliamentarians and senators.

In a message from a buffoon parliamentarian, I was informed on how members of the legislature and judiciary received directives on 20th April 20, on how they won’t be paid their April salaries and allowances.

This message from potato enclave’s Member of Parliament reads, “Gakwerere, I know you always despise us, but your followers need to know that we members of the Parliament and senate won’t be receiving our April salaries and allowances. The April 5th, 20, statement didn’t include us, but we were shocked to be told that our salaries and allowances have been forfeit. I would also want to inform you that the judiciary was also included with judges being affected. Our worries isn’t of April, we are more concerned that the government will not be able to meet future obligations, government coffers are empty……” I had excellent exchanges with this buffoon member of criminal Paul Kagame’s Parliament.

Sunday, April 5, 2020, criminal Paul Kagame instructed his new director of cabinet in the presidency, Urujeni Feza Bakuramutsa to brief the artificial prime minister – Eduard Ngirente on category of officials who will not receive their April salaries due to economic consequences of Covid – 19.

Urejeni Feza Bakuramutsa is currently the real Prime Minister after replacing notorious female assassin Ines Mpambara who was shipped as Minister in Charge of Cabinet Affairs in artificial prime minister’s office. Notorious female assassin Ines Mpambara is currently babysitting Eduard Ngirente.

Urejeni Feza Bakuramutsa informed Eduard Ngirente on directives which have been instructed by criminal Paul Kagame. And the main directive was for senior regime officials to forfeit their April monthly salaries. On April 5th, 20, in a communique members to members of parliament, senators and judges weren’t included; but on April 20th, 20, directive, they were included among senior officials whose April salaries and allowances have been forfeit.

Those that criminal Paul Kagame has so far instructed not to be paid their April monthly salaries and allowances, and these salaries be allocated for Covid19 initiatives:

1) All Cabinet ministers
2) Permanent Secretaries of all ministries
3) Senior public service officials
4) Head of public institutions – government parastatals
5) Members of Parliament
6) Senators
7) Judges

Will these salaries and allowances be diverted to help and support the poor? Totally not, according to sources from the ministry of finance and economic planning, the main reason behind forfeiting these salaries and allowances, it’s because the country is bankrupt and unable to meet its obligations rather than using these funds for Covid19 related projects.

Since 2003, Potato enclave’s Parliament and senate has always been filled with useless, greedy and selfish individuals who are personally handpicked by criminal Paul Kagame for merely being paid for doing nothing. Criminal Paul Kagame should indefinitely stop paying these batch of minions. Like their master – Paul Kagame, the contribution of these Parliamentarians and senate buffoons is totally zero.

Within two weeks of lockdown, potato enclave’s (Rwanda) economy totally collapsed needing IMF bailout loan. For over two decades, through doctored data, the satanic regime has always bragged of annual GDP averaging between 8 – 10%. For the real Singapore or Malaysia, it merely took them less than a decade of annual GDP averaging 5 – 8% for their economies to turn from Agrarian and fishery economy into service, manufacturing and high tech economy.

Within ten years of GDP growth between 5 – 8%, Singapore and Malaysia turned from beggars to donors. However, the potato enclave (Rwanda), on paper has registered 8 – 10% per year of GDP growth for the past 20+ years, but they are still beggars and half of the enclave’s annual budget still coming from donors. Everything uttered by criminal Paul Kagame is fake, poisonous, evil, demonic, lies and fabrications.

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