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‘‘ Freedoms, democracy, human rights and rights to live are none negotiable ’’


By: Rpf Gakwerere

The picture below is of Mzee Assinapol Rwigara who was brutally assassinated not for questioning criminal Paul Kagame, not for questioning the satanic regime ruling the potato enclave, not for committing any single crime. He was assassinated for merely refusing to sell shares of his business to criminal Paul Kagame. He was brutally assassinated for refusing to be a business partner to criminal Paul Kagame. He was brutally assassinated for his wealth, the wealth that he rightly earned through hard work and dedication, the wealth that he worked for since the age of 16 years.

Mzee Assinapol Rwigara assassinated on 4th February 2015

After his brutal assassination, his wealth was grabbed by criminal Paul Kagame. And for the family, they have continuously faced persecution and living under fear of being eliminated at anytime. Why didn’t Rwanda’s chief serial killer not grab his wealth and leave him to live as they have done to Mzee Valens Kajeguhakwa.

For Mzee Valens Kajeguhakwa, criminal Paul Kagame grabbed his wealth, humiliated him, psychologically tortured him and his now living under close surveillance. But at least his still living. For Mzee Assinapol Rwigara, the brutal dictator went for his life, a life of an innocent man.

It was February 4, 2015 when Mzee Assinapol Rwigara was assassinated after a day of brutally being tortured by criminal Paul Kagame’s assassins.

Just imagine the prospect of being killed because of your well earned wealth! Just imagine the prospect of being killed because of what you earned through sweat and hard work! Imagine your wealth attracting brutality from a ruler! Mzee Assinapol Rwigara’s wealth wasn’t only for him and his family, it was also for thousands of workers who earned a decent living through working for him, and thousands of people that he financially supported through his philanthropic work.

By 2000, criminal Paul Kagame was already a billionaire in dollars through minerals plundered from DR Congo, millions of dollars collected from former Habyarimana elements and embezzled millions of dollars of aid funds meant for Tutsi genocide survivors. Criminal Paul Kagame’s thirst for wealth should have ended in 2000, unfortunately, his greed and everlasting thirst for accumulating wealth to the extent of killing innocent people has continued up to today.


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