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‘‘ Freedoms, democracy, human rights and rights to live are none negotiable ’’


By: Rpf Gakwerere

Dear oppressed, enslaved, unemployed and starving citizens; I stand before the alter of a church with a bible in my hand and I inform you that your serial killer ruler – criminal Paul Kagame is insane. Insanity is being seriously mentally ill, irrational or madness.

It’s an open secret that criminal Paul Kagame is a bipolar disorder suffer, and I have been told that his state of mind has worsened since Covid19 world lockdown. His constant foreign travels were part of his therapy, being stack in his impoverished potato enclave (Rwanda) without any foreign trip is driving the 57Kg skinny dictator crazy.

The brutal insane dictactor of Rwanda – criminal Paul Kagame

Due to over the roof paranoia, the brutal dictator doesn’t usually get sleep while in Rwanda. He is always under constant fear of a coup d’etat and being brutally assassinated, two factors that always make him have sleepless nights while in the enclave (Rwanda). His numerous foreign travels allow him to have peaceful nights in five star presidential suite hotels, and free from the paranoiac fears of being assassinated. And since March 2020, due to Covid19 pandemic, he has missed the therapy which is critical for his mental well being.

Recently, criminal Paul Kagame went for months without being seen in public or national television, only to come out when Burundian and DR Congo bloggers started spreading rumours of his death, this is when his notorious daughter Ange Kagame convinced her insane father to give a press conference. Those who followed the virtual press conference on 27th April 20, witnessed a tired and dehydrated skinny dictator; for his response to questions, all oppressed and enslaved Rwandans are used to his shallow reasonings.

From March 2020 to present, criminal Paul Kagame is ruling his impoverished enclave (Rwanda) through his daughter Ange Kagame as the insane dictator moves from one bunker to another bunker, only appearing at Village Urugwiro state house for virtual meetings with foreign leaders, to scare around his house boy generals or selective meetings with ministers. Currently, criminal Paul Kagame coordinates day to day running of the state through her notorious daughter, Ange Kagame – the real director of cabinet in Criminal Paul Kagame’s office.

Young serial killer, ruthless Ange Kagame

All historical RPF/A and NRM/A cadres know well about criminal Paul Kagame’s mental status. They know how the 57Kg skinny dictator has always been a mental health sufferer. To understand his mass killings, one has to first understand his state of mind.

For years, dictator Paul Kagame has always been on bipolar disorder medication of Haloperidol or olanzapine, carbamazepine and lithium carbonate or lithium carbonate citrate. These medications have always been part of dictator Paul Kagame’s lifestyle. The empact of his mental health has been deadly to Great-Lakes region, in particular to Rwandans and Congolese. We have witnessed unprecedented torture, kidnappings, disappearances, mass killings, economic plundering and terrorism, all under directives of a deranged mentally ill person.

His mental status shouldn’t allow him to be near the highest office in a country. Criminal Paul Kagame is a person who is supposed to be in enclosed psychiatric ward receiving treatment.

Dr Charles Murego

In 2014, death merchant Maj Gen Jack Nziza and treacherous assassin James Kabarebe fed wrong information that Dr Charles Murego was talking to elements within Gen Kayumba’s RNC and he leaked medical files to external intelligence, in June 25, 2014, DR Charles Murego was assassinated through a scientific accident which was staged by criminal Paul Kagame’s prolific assassins Col Franco Rutagengwa and Lt Col Francis Gakwerere.

Prolific assassin Col Franco Rutagengwa

In 2015, Jeannette Kagame Gasana Nzirorera, treacherous assassin Gen James Kabarebe and death merchant Maj Gen Jack Nziza fed criminal Paul Kagame wrong information that his personal doctor Dr Emmanuel Gasakure was always leaking his medical status to french intelligence agency. The trio had always fed criminal Paul Kagame wrong info on Dr Emmanuel Gasakure and he would always ignore their information, but when they came up with lies of Dr Emmanuel Gasakure leaking criminal Paul Kagame’s medical information to a foreign intelligence organisation, the paranoid ruler bought the lie. The trio cited Dr Emmanuel Gasakure’s November 20, 2014 to December 27, 2014, where he visited Belgium and France.

Prolific assassin, Lt Col Francis Gakwerere

Jeannette Kagame Gasana Nzirorera, treacherous assassin Gen James Kabarebe and death merchant Maj Gen Jack Nziza used a fabricated intelligence dossier that was composed by Maj Gen Jack Nziza’s brother in-law, Joseph Uwamungu, to finally convince criminal Paul Kagame to approve the brutal execution of Dr Emmanuel Gasakure. Joseph Uwamungu was then a chief external intelligence operative based in Belgium under the guise of first Secretary at Rwanda’s embassy in Belgium. On February 25, 2015, Dr Emmanuel Gasakure who was Paul Kagame’s personal Doctor was executed with a bullet in his head. He was executed by Rwanda’s we’ll known prolific assassin Col Franco Rutagengwa.

Dr Emmanuel Gasakure

After the assassination of Dr Emmanuel Gasakure, Col Franco Rutagengwa told friends, “I called Uncle Jack and told him that I have doctor, he then told me the plan has changed and his excellency wants him to be shot in the head. Uncle told me to shoot him while I am still on phone line with him.” Col Franco Rutagengwa had gone to pick Dr Emmanuel Gasakure from Remera police cell to be transferred to Mulindi detention centre when the execution order was relayed to him.

Joseph Uwamungu

Another former personal doctor to criminal Paul Kagame, Brig Gen Emmanuel Ndahiro is living under fear, he is currently under house arrest after being released from Kanombe military detention at the beginning of this year, where Paul Kagame had incarcerated him on charges of embezzling Kanombe hospital funds.

Former Kagame’s blue eyed boy, Brig Gen Emmanuel Ndahiro

Over the years, innocent citizens have been eliminated for knowing criminal Paul Kagame’s medical status. His former military escorts, senior RPF/A cadres, senior military officers, person Doctors (General practitioners), side dishes/concubines/girl friends..etc; have brutally been eliminated for knowing too much of criminal Paul Kagame’s secrets.

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