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There Are Unusual Activities At Rwanda’s Embassy In Uganda!

By: Seruga Titus

The informant has been monitoring activities at the Rwandan Embassy in Uganda, for the past seven days there is heavy deployment of plain clothed military personnel. The current Ambassador is a military man at the rank of Lt Col., information available to my desk show well trained personnel at the Embassy.

Has the Embassy turned into a command post?

There is now increasing evidence of political sabotage and interference by Paul Kagame aka Pilato and he is using Rwanda’s Embassy as a command post for illegal activities.

Satellite images captured two vehicles parked inside the compound while they were being loaded with what appeared to be guns, the Vehicles have diplomatic plates so legally under international diplomatic protocols have immunity.

More on this story will follow, meanwhile the violence may get worse with external influence.


Where Credibility Matters

Recent areal image of Rwanda’s embassy in Uganda

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