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The USA Has Sanctioned Criminal Paul Kagame’s Ruthless Assassin, Brig Gen Andrew Nyamvumba For His Crimes In DR Congo.

By: Robert Patrick Fati Gakwerere

A senior Rwanda Defense Force (RDF) official was also sanctioned by the US Treasury Department’s Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC). This is Brigadier General Andrew Nyamvumba. According to OFAC, troops under the command of this Rwandan army official invaded Congolese soil in 2022 to support the M23 rebels present in North Kivu.

Andrew Nyamvumba, 3rd Division’s head of operations

“Brigadier General Andrew Nyamvumba, a Rwandan national, is the Chief of Operations of the RDF 3rd Division. In early 2022, the 3rd Division entered DRC territory and, in collaboration with M23 fighters, attacked FARDC positions and camps, resulting in casualties among the FARDC”, says the OFAC press release published this Thursday, August 24.

Another Rwandan army officer, Captain Jean-Pierre Niragire was sanctioned last July by the European Union for his involvement in the M23 war. A report by the UN Group of Experts had revealed that Captain Niragire had commanded RDF special forces to carry out certain operations in the DRC from May 2022 as part of Rwanda’s direct intervention in support of the progress of the M23.

This round, the USA has sanctioned 3 FDLR leaders, 1 senior commander of M23, 1 FARDC colonel and a Brigadier General of Rwanda Defence Force (RDF).

These sanctioned individuals are,

1) Brig Gen  Andrew Nyamvumba, a Rwandan national, a senior commander in Rwanda Defence Force (RDF).

2) Apollinaire Hakizimana, a Rwandan national, a FDLR’s defense commissioner.

3) Brigadier General Sebastian Uwimbabazi, a Rwandan national, a FDLR leader in charge of intelligence.

4) Ruvugayimikore Protogene, a Rwandan national, leads the FDLR-affiliated Maccabe group, formerly known as the Commando de Recherche et D’Action en Profondeur (CRAP).

5) Bernard Byamungu, a Congolese national, M23 deputy commander of operations and intelligence.

6) Colonel Salomon Tokolonga , a Congolese national, commands the FARDC’s 3411th Regiment.

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