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Masisi: the city of Mweso taken over by the FARDC

By: Robert Patrick Fati Gakwerere

Local armed groups (Wazalendo) and FARDC recaptured the city of Mweso (North Kivu) this Wednesday, January 24 at 7:30 a.m., sources in this region say.

The recapture of this locality in Masisi territory has taken place after violent fighting between RDF-M23 and the FARDC as well as local militiamen (Wazalendo). For 3 days, heavy weapons have been exchanging artillery fire between the belligerents in this part of North Kivu.

RDF forces in Masisi territory, North Kivu, DR Congo.

RDF-M23 had reoccupied Kushana and Mweso since last November 2023 while the EAC force was still deployed on this axis.

According to local sources, the population of Mweso woke up in a strong psychosis this Wednesday, because of violent clashes in the city but also the localities around it.
Part of the population headed towards Mpati, others found refuge at the general hospital and in Mweso parish.

Notable people in the region say that the FARDC and local armed groups surprised RDF-M23 this morning and managed to dislodge them from the city.

The fighting continued throughout this morning in the localities of Mbuhi, Kanyangohe and Bukama, some 2 to 4 kilometers from the city of Mweso.

RDF-M23 are said to have retreated to the hills while their reinforcements from Kilolirwe, Kitshanga and Bwiza are visible on the roads, say the same sources.

Some shots were also heard in Kitshanga this morning, these sources add without further details.

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