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Dictator Paul Kagame And His Heartless Brutal Satanic Regime

By: Rpf Gakwerere

A totally heartless brutal satanic regime. Unfortunately, the lady in the YouTube below doesn’t know that such injustice can never happen in Rwanda without the approval of Criminal Paul Kagame.

Just Imagine, you build a house two times, with all the approval of Kigali city authority and on both cases they turn around to demolish your house without any single compensation given.

The woman in the clip below build a house for the first time, she was given permission by the court and Kigali city council, then the same city council came and demolished a complete house.

The second time, she was also given permission by Parliament committee and the city council approved the building, now the same city council has comeback and they are demolishing her house that was still under construction. In the clip, the lady notes that criminal Paul Kagame knows her case and he has tried to help her, instead blaming officials at Kigali City Authority for not following presidential directives.

This woman should know that nothing, let me repeat, nothing happens in Rwanda without the knowledge and approval of Criminal Paul Kagame. Who can dare to disobey Criminal Paul Kagame’s directive(s)?? Totally totally and totally no one. But obviously, she knows, but she has to say that way for her security survival.

It’s Kagame family that wants that piece of land, they have grabbed all lands in Kigali including lands that where owned by Kigali City Authority and government lands, i.e lands previously owned by Rwanda Post Office.

And don’t be shocked tomorrow if you hear that oppressed – victimised lady has mysteriously died due abrupt cancer or internal organs failure, in what is known in military Intelligence or counter intelligence as a quiet assassination.

Really, #Dictator Paul Kagame will be brutal and heartless until when? He will be greedy until when? What he has plundered in DR Congo should have already been enough for his satisfaction.👇👇

The YouTube clip is in Kinyarwanda.

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