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By: Rpf Gakwerere

Jean D’amour Ngirinshuti was a father of two, member of the People Salvation Movement (PSM Itabaza), a pressure movement that was founded by Diane Rwigara.

Before the August, 2017, one man presidential elections in Rwanda, Jean D’amour Ngirinshuti was arrested on 19th July 2017 for being a member of Diane Rwigara’s political pressure team. Under enhanced interrogation by a team led by a prolific assassin – CP Egide Ruzigamanzi, Jean D’amour Ngirinshuti was questioned about the financing of Diane Rwigara’s campaign, who are the key supporters , mobilisation plans and who they are externally contacting. He was released after two weeks of incarceration.

Jean D’amour Ngirinshuti kidnapped in 2017

After the 4th August 2017 one man – Sham presidential election where criminal Paul Kagame stood against criminal Paul Kagame; Jean D’amour Ngirinshuti was again kidnapped on 18th August 2017 by Rwanda Police’s counter terrorism team led by a notorious Kagamist assassin under the J3 mafia network, CP Denis Basabose. And since then, Jean D’amour Ngirinshuti hasn’t been seen by anyone including members of his family.

Assassin CP Denis Basabose

After his kidnapping, Jean D’amour Ngirinshuti’s mother and sister tried to look for him, moving from one police station to another. The junta police threatened them and advised them against ever looking for him, and when the threat continued after their pleas on BBC radio in regard to the disappearance of their loved one – Jean D’amour Ngirinshuti; they decided to flee the country, Rwanda. Into a hard and difficult life of exile.

Reports indicate that he was inhumanly tortured to his death.

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