Monday , 28 November 2022
‘‘ Freedoms, democracy, human rights and rights to live are none negotiable ’’


By: Rpf Gakwerere

For soldiers, each has a song which he/she considers as a morale booster. As a corporal, the song below by Sankara has been my morale booster for the past years.

For criminal Paul Kagame, walumbe zaaya by Paul Kafeero is a morale booster for the 57Kg brutal dictator. He can’t spend a day without listening to this song.

Col Patrick Karegeya, we dearly miss you, especially at this time when we are at the crossroads. On one hand, criminal Paul Kagame and his assassins are still committing human right atrocities and plundering the region, on the other hand, Afande – your vision, Rwanda National Congress (RNC), has been hijacked by few deceitful, liars, lazy minded and hateful goons.

For the last 9years, since the birth of a great vision RNC, criminal Paul Kagame has:

1) Kidnapped and still kidnapping innocent people that his intelligence tags to RNC.

2) Tortured and still torturing innocent people that his intelligence tags to RNC.

3) Incarcerated and still incarcerating innocent people that his intelligence tags to RNC.

4) Killed and still killing innocent people that his intelligence tags to RNC.

With all the above blood of innocent people, with all the sacrifices and with all the loss of innocent people at the hands of criminal Paul Kagame; few goons under the docket of “opposition” would rather give a hand to criminal Paul Kagame in destroying real anti Kagame struggle for their personal selfishness and evil tendencies.

R.I.P Col Patrick Karegeya, corporal will always miss you and love you. I will never, never and never divert from your cause, beliefs and teachings.

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