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By: Rpf Gakwerere

On several occasions I have posted on criminal Paul Kagame and his obsession for witchcraft, a behavioural norm that he inherited from the mother. Rwandan community in Uganda or Batooro in Kamwenge, Uganda, all knew how Rutagambwa family practiced Nyabingi rituals (witchcraft of guterekera).

Nyabingi is the veneration or worship of the deity or spirit of the woman known as Nyabingi which began in Rwanda, around 1800. She was thought to be a powerful force in everyday life. This practice operates through a medium who is in communication with the spirit of Nyabingi. To appease her spirit, believers make offerings to the medium who will negotiate with the spirit on the believer’s behalf.

To criminal Paul Kagame, witchcraft rituals are family norms practiced within his linage for generations. Those close to his parental family in Uganda, Rwanda or within RPF/RPA hierarchy know very well how Deogratias Rutagambwa family used guterekera (don’t know the right English word for this satanic ritual). Therefore, to criminal Paul Kagame, ritual practices are heritage beliefs and norms.

To those who know Deogratius Rutagambwa and Asteria Rutagambwa know that witchcraft was part of their daily lives, and their child – Criminal Paul Kagame was introduced to this dark spiritual belief at an early age.

Asteria Rutagambwa, criminal Paul Kagame’s mother

Parents in Kamwenge, Uganda, would always refuse their children to play with Mzee Rutagambwa’s children for fear of witchcraft – sorcery. Mzee Rutagambwa’s children were always isolated especially during their primary education days at Rwengoro Primary School in Kamwenge, Uganda.

Deranged dictactor Paul Kagame behaves and takes himself to be the King of the potato enclave (Rwanda). He mentally and psychologically believes to be a king. He is a king with powers to give and take, with powers to award and punish, with powers to let one live or take life.

Criminal Paul Kagame acts and rules like a medieval king and when his mother died on November 22, 2015, Paul Kagame had to follow Nyabingi rituals during the burial process. Paul Kagame as a King, his mother had to be buried as a queen mother, and in accordance to Nyabingi rituals for royals.

On the morning of November 27, 2015, there was requiem mass for the gallery, and on night of November 28, 2015, there was Nyabingi (witchcraft) function that was performed by different west African traditional doctors in the presence of criminal Paul Kagame and his sisters.

Criminal Paul Kagame’s sisters

In this medieval spiritual function, wealth had to be buried since she was a mother to a King. Sacks of money (different western currencies,) gold and expensive jewelries were buried alongside Criminal Paul Kagame’s mother. On this night of November 28, 2015, also two young Tutsi boys were sacrificed as part of this medieval burial function.

While oppressed, enslaved, starving and unemployed Rwandans are going hungry, in this burial ceremony, criminal Paul Kagame buried a proportionate percentage of his wealth to fulfill his satanic beliefs.


From 1990 to present, the brutal dictactor has been performing yearly human sacrifice ritual performances. This is well known within RPF/RPA (now RDF) senior hierarchy.

During RPF/RPA war, young Tutsis and brown/light skin boys, especially from Francophone countries i.e Burundi or Rwanda would be chosen from the training wing (Mulindi 2) and taken to Masaka, Uganda, by Rwanda Patriotic Army (RPA) headquarter Intelligence officer Jack Nziza or head of criminal Paul Kagame’s protection unit treacherous assassin James Kabarebe. It was here in Masaka along Mutukula road, where Criminal Paul Kagame had a traditional/witchcraft doctor, Sheikh Badru, a staunch RPF supporter and well known in Masaka – Mutukula area.

These satanic practices by criminal Paul Kagame, where innocent Tutsi boys were being sacrificed to appease NYABINGI (satanic demons) was well known by all RPF/RPA senior military and political hierarchy. To criminal Paul Kagame, NYABINGI (satanic demons) have to be given human blood for appeasement, they believed that NYABINGI can only be appeased by Tutsi blood, thus young innocent Tutsis were being sacrificed in this medieval ritual practice by those they considered as brothers. Assassins like Jack Nziza, James Kabarebe, Dan Munyuza, Tito Rutaremara, Frank Mugambage..etc; participated and facilitated Criminal Paul Kagame in this medieval ritual practice.


Dictactor Paul Kagame and Ivorian traditional leaders

In 1994, after RPF/RPA capturing power in Kigali, sheikh Badru turned into a liability and was brutally eliminated by DMI operatives led by young Franco Rutagengwa alias Mapuwa. When you’re usefulness is no longer needed, and you know too much of criminal Paul Kagame’s secrets, he will eliminate you without any single mercy.

This year, since 11th February 20, to present, Criminal Paul Kagame and his traditional/witch doctors from Ivory Coast ( Côte d’Ivoire) and Mali have been performing different traditional rituals at different points of the country. The last time criminal Paul Kagame was outside Rwanda was when he attended the funeral service for former Kenyan President Daniel Arap Moi in Nairobi, Kenya, on February 11, 2020.

Criminal Paul Kagame’s family house in Gitarama has always been a centre point for witchcraft ritual functions. It is were Traditional/witchcraft doctors brought in the country by criminal Paul Kagame’s trusted – nephew and brother in-laws, Byusa and Richard Murefu, respectively, take them for witchcraft ritual performances. It should be noted that up to present, dictactor Paul Kagame still performs human ritual sacrifices.

Up to 2015, death merchant Jack Nziza was exclusively in charge of searching for best traditional/witch doctors from all over the world. In turn, death merchant Jack Nziza used his agents Sheikh Musa Fazil Harerimana, Sheikh Saleh Habimana, a Tanzanian mafia kingpin, Mwamba alias Mushikaji and his trusted nephew, notorious  assassin Col Francis Gakwerere. All the three except, Lt Col Francis Gakwerere thought these traditional/witch doctors they are bringing in the country are for Jack Nziza, yet they were all for criminal Paul Kagame.

After criminal Paul Kagame sidelining the once powerful death merchant Jack Nziza in 2015, the roles of searching and bringing traditional/witch doctors in the country became a family affair, and currently run by his trusted nephew, Byusa and his brother inlaw Richard Murefu.

Before 2015, the brutal ruler of the potato enclave used to perform these demonic rituals at his country farm in Muhazi, but after the death of his mother the ritual practices are now being performed in Gitarama. Recently, a Bishop told me that, “every time I have greeted Kagame I always get a chill of cold allover my body, the man is washed in evil spirits.” I told this Bishop that Kagame is satan himself, satan in human form.

All historical RPF/RPA cadres know how criminal Paul Kagame respects and follows advices from traditional/witch doctors than any other individual/person.

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