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Potato enclave – Rwanda’s economic collapse

By: Robert Patrick Fati Gakwerere

Financial Crises: Banking and financial sector instability NO MONEY FOR CLIENTS. People are going to withdraw their money and being told to come on a certain date set by the bank. Lack of liquidity is affecting all banks, and soon it will disrupt the entire economy.

Excessive Debt: The satanic government has accumulated unsustainable levels of debts, both internal and external. A country the size of South Kivu province, in DR Congo, with national debts exceeding $ 8 billion USA dollars.

Poor Governance: Corruption and embezzlement by one single family, the kagame family.

Next To Zero Productivity: Next to zero efficiency and productivity of the workforce. No work, youth unemployed is above 80%.

Resource depletion: The amount of minerals coming from DR Congo has reduced, and this has greatly affected Rwanda’s economy leading to currency depreciation, lack of foreign currency in the market and other negative economic consequences.

Policy Mistakes: Poorly designed economic policies by the brutal Satanic regime have led to inadequate fiscal and monetary policies, thus driving the economy to the verge of collapsing.

Inflation: Hiking levels of Inflation especially consumer commodities and this is unprecedented. Hunger is ravaging the enclave – Rwanda, and this has led to influx of immigrants to neighbouring countries and Uganda taking the largest burden of these immigrants.

Trade Imbalances: Persistent trade deficit, but inept Kagamist goons will share doctored GDP growth figures. Today, on Twitter (now X), an inept goon noted, “Rwanda has 10.9% GDP growth rate. Inflation which is worldwide reflected higher costs for imported goods. Policy rate was raised 50 basis points to reduce inflation and it is working”. The goon didn’t tell us whether this fictitious – delusional figure was for this economic year or the just finished economic quarter. This kagamist goon thought everyone is brain frozen as him/her, forgetting that those who are still sober studied, understand or taught factors that supports economic growth, and in all of them, Rwanda is next to zero.

For example,

1) On consumer spending, it is next to zero as the popular is poor.

2) On Investment, its next to zero as both foreign and internal investors aren’t investing in the enclave due to various factors.

3) Government spending, the satanic government can’t invest in the economy because it’s broke, overwhelming debt burdens.

4) Exports, trade deficit. The enclave exports nothing except terrorism and Prostitution. No more Illegal minerals from DR Congo.

5) Productivity is next to zero. Unprecedented unemployment figures says it all.

6) No stimulus programs to support economic growth, the enclave is broke.

Economic growth doesn’t come from thin air as lying twats in Kigali wants us to believe. The enclave – Rwanda’s economy is on the collapsing trend.

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