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Masisi: RDF-M23 Positions In Kilolirwe And Karenga Are Continuously Being Heavily Shelled By FARDC.

By: Robert Patrick Fati Gakwerere

The Armed Forces of the Democratic Republic of Congo shelled on Saturday and Sunday, November 25 – 26, 2023, respectively, RDF-M23 positions in Karenga and Kilolirwe, in Kamuronza and Bashali Kaembe groupings in Masisi territory.

Civil society members in the area report that FARDC’s heavy artillery including the Sokhoi-25 fighter plane and multiple rocket launchers were used to strike strategic RDF-M23 positions, including ammunition depots in Nturo (Kilolirwe) and Karenga.

On Saturday, November 25th, 2023, reliable sources informed me of immense losses, both material and human on the side of RDF-M23. However, FARDC is yet to comment on these strikes of both air bombardment and constant shelling of RDF-M23 positions in Kilolirwe and Karenga.

FARDC has continued with its military strategy of decimating RDF-M23 through air bombardment and artillery shelling. In military warfare, this strategy is known as attrition. With its precision-guided munitions, Sukhoi-25 spent hours on Saturday and today, Sunday morning neutralising RDF terrorists in Kilolirwe and Karenga. This military approach aims to significantly weaken and destroy RDF-M23 military forces through intensive and sustained attacks from the air and ground.

Remember that the Congolese armed forces continue to occupy the villages of Tuonane and its depths in the Karenga region but also Makombo (Kingi) and its surroundings, in the Kamuronza grouping (about fifteen kilometers from Sake), M23-RDF for its part is in Kabati, Kausa and Mweso in Bashali Kaembe and Mokoto.

This month of November, marked two years of the Second RDF-M23 invasion of DR Congo, Criminal Paul Kagame’s war to feed his endless greed for DRC minerals.

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