Thursday , 8 December 2022
‘‘ Freedoms, democracy, human rights and rights to live are none negotiable ’’

Diane Rwigara: “Committing Crimes In Rwanda Isn’t a Problem, a Problem Is For Those Who Denounce These Crimes.”

By: Rpf Gakwerere Diane Rwigara ati, “Gukora ibyaha mu Rwanda si ikibazo, ikibazo n’ubivuze!” Diane Rwigara notes, “Committing crimes in Rwanda isn’t a problem, a problem is for those who denounce these crimes.” Below from your left – Anne Rwigara, their father – Mzee Assinapol Rwigara who was brutally assassinated …

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Treacherous assassin Gen James Kabarebe who was sidelined by criminal Paul Kagame in 2018, his now back as the overall coordinator of M23 Rebel Movement.

By: Rpf Gakwerere Treacherous assassin Gen James Kabarebe who was sidelined by criminal Paul Kagame in 2018, his now back as the overall coordinator of M23 Rebel Movement. The Commander In Chief of RDF/M23, criminal Paul Kagame appointed treacherous assassin Gen James Kabarebe as overall coordinator of M23 rebel movement, …

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While Criminal Paul Kagame And President Felix Tshisekedi Were Meeting In Luanda, Angola, Their Forces Were Battling Out In North Kivu.

By: Rpf Gakwerere Yesterday, 6th July 2022, Criminal Paul Kagame and President Felix Tshisekedi met in Luanda for a tripartite meeting under the mediation of Angolan President, Joao Lourenco. Angolan President Joao Lourenco was appointed by the African Union to mediate talks between Criminal Paul Kagame and President Felix Tshisekedi …

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Will The Arrival To The Frontline Of Recently Trained Military Units Allow FARDC To Pushback Criminal Paul Kagame’s Boys Of RDF/M23?

By: Rpf Gakwerere For the past weeks, North Kivu has witnessed all sorts of high level Military logistic activities of weapons, Military manpower and other supporting Military equipments being brought in the region for Military campaign against invader, Criminal Paul Kagame and his RDF/M23. Will FARDC’s deployment of heavy military …

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What Happens In The Enclave – Rwanda, Doesn’t Happen Anywhere Else. A Country With Two Celebrations That Are Based On Ethic And Background Line.

By: Rpf Gakwerere The Celebrations. 1) 1st July, this is the actual Independence Day of Rwanda, but the independence celebration day was scrapped by Criminal Paul Kagame. Currently, it is forbidden and a crime to celebrate anything on this day. However, Rwandans in Diaspora who lived in Rwanda pre-1994 still …

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Owagamba Akabi Tiwe Aba Akaretsire. President Museveni Stops Muhoozi Tweet On Security And Foreign Policy Posts

By: Rpf Gakwerere Lt Gen Muhoozi Kainerugaba has reportedly been stopped from commenting on security and foreign policy issues on social media platforms. Apart from Twitter issues, in this meeting, the president touched on promiscuity (Jigjig) and alcohol issues; things that Baby General adores and loves to the fullest. Will …

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President Museveni Meets Human Rights Watch Executive Director Kenneth Roth

Photos below illustrates one of a key difference between President Museveni and the Grand Satan ruling a poverty stricken potato enclave South West of Uganda. Neptunes usually compare President Museveni the Grand Satan of the Potato enclave. These are incomparable in all aspects, light and darkness cannot be compared. President …

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