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Who was killing Moslem Leaders In Uganda and Why?

By: Seruga Titus

Sometime back I argued with proof of intelligence reports that these killing of Muslim leaders in Uganda were done systematically by Kayihura and Pilato aka Kagame.

It was and still my understanding that these killings possed a big security threat in Uganda, the Moslem group in Uganda was already seen as one left behind and indeed disgruntled going by their own statements in the media and a fact that they previously had formed a rebel group called ADF.

Double agent Kale Kayihura

ADF has very much been Linked to Kagame by security it’s only surprising that at no single did Kayihura mention that Kagame was in bed with ADF why? it’s very important for readers of this article to look back at back on facts that Jamil Mukulu’s son Hasan Nyanzi was issued amnesty in 2013 after he handed himself over to Government from Kenya, let us interrogate how he got to Kenya. Ugandan Security interrogated Hassan Nyanzi on how he traveled to Kenya before handing himself to Ugandan Security, he told them that he went through Rwanda then Tanzania Finally Kenya, this gave security the route and two years down the road the Uganda father Jamil Mukulu was arrested in Tanzania then extradited to Uganda.

Why would Rwanda find it okay to allow easy secure passage of Ugandan rebels through their country in 2013 and 2015? during interrogation the former rebels clearly mentioned that their passport had not been stamped in Rwanda so that their entry and exit could be denied, another high profile ADF rebel leader was arrested in Iganga by a combined force of police and military during detention Nickson a known close confidant of General Kayihura signed the arrested rebel leader out claiming he was being transferred to Kampala for interrogation only for the criminal to disappear on the way. Nickson was never apprehended by his boss Kayihura whose relationship to Kagame is now well known considering Kayihura engineered a deal between Rwanda and Uganda to illegally extradite refugees to Rwanda, now we know the connection and why Nickson was never questioned by any authority.

Criminal Paul Kagame

Back To the Killings which is today’s subject, if you want to alienate a group of people such murders well selected are a good motivation, Kagame was killing two birds with one stone, he was making Kampala look insecure for investors because of the explained murders whose investigations led to a dead end considering the investigators Police was compromised and he was also gathering more support of the ADF from unsuspecting Moslem community who believed that it was Museveni ordering these murders as a way of revenge.

Why do I strongly believe it was not government policy to assassinate Moslem leaders; these leaders were killed at the time ADF was no longer a big threat, most of the leaders killed were collaborative with Government and had been given amnesty on government favorable terms, therefore, it’s not logical that the same government would sanction their murders. Know government wants to create a bad image for it’s on the international scene, every year Amnesty International issues a human rights report and such killings can be easily reflected on the government this never happened meaning that even Human right watch or Amnesty International sensed something was not right.

To Museveni investigation these killings remained his highest priority, he ordered four teams of highly qualified investigators to investigate the connection, as the breakthrough was that all murders had one thing in common, the killers wanted to connect these killings to the state, so motive was that someone would pay dearly for these killings but how? This is how Rwanda comes in, it’s social media campaigns against Museveni exposes them further when their website try as much as possible to connect these murders to Museveni one wonder why the interest.

Now to prove my points, above since General Kayihura was arrested and Nickson put away, how many more killings of this kind have you heard of? I still hear very negative Moslem leaders on radios and in mosques preaching but nothing happens to them, there are many who are still on amnesty but alive, can one tell me why these killings stopped after the surgical operations of Rwandan cells in Uganda?

I want an honest reader to tell me why Moslems leaders don’t die anymore since General Tumukunde exposed Kayihura – Kagame operations in Uganda.

The only explanation that holds sense is that Kagame and Kayihura had a hand in these Moslem killings, Nickson is believed to have carried out a few of these murders together with his very highly trained team.

I will welcome sensible debates in comments, I won’t hesitate to further block Rwandese agents operating kn my page in order to protect my page from being targeted by the Kagame regime whose efforts I recognise very well.


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