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“Yes, war will happen if you cross the border” Kagame threatens Uganda.

By: Seruga Titus

It’s on record Kagame’s assassins have crossed the Uganda border on many occasions as kidnapped plus killing Rwandese Refugees, Uganda in return has arrested all informers and those involved in assassinations, some have been deported and others are still being interrogated by security.

At no single occasion has Uganda ever run an operation in Rwanda even when it’s aware that fugitives like ACP Baroza are hiding in Rwanda, even when Uganda is aware that Rwanda is funding political groups and rebel groups like ADF, even when Rwanda attacked and killed Ugandan Soldiers in the Congo, even when Rwandan forces crossed and killed two civilians in Uganda recently.

Uganda is further aware of the assassination of very important persons in Kampala to create insecurity, Uganda is aware of killings in Wakiso of innocent women by individuals trained and funded by Rwanda these individuals have since been arrested and confessed, Uganda is aware of the greater Masaka insecurity caused by individuals funded and hiding in Masaka and finally Uganda is aware of a well approved and funded project to assassinate the president.

On occasion has Uganda made any plans to attack Rwanda, however the security forces are aware of advance plans by chest-thumping Kagame aka Pilato who plans a victim while he is busy planning an assault on Kabale.

Don’t ask me how this will end but I can assure you Kagame will fall if he goes ahead with his 2021 plans. 4 million of Rwandese are ready to fight him out they just need a strong man to help them achieve that dream.

This post is in response to General Kagame’s comments while in Brussels recently, he decided to say this Brussels well knowing Belgium is watching his dirty Games in the Region.


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