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(The journey from Galamba to Rwenzori) From Titus Seruga Facebook timeline.

The cause of the NRA guerrillas’s trek from Galamba to Rwenzori were mainly three; (a) the lack of food in Ngoma (b) the growth in the numbers of the forces.(d) need to open a strategic front in border areas.

The guerrilla force had been squeezed into an area with no food , yet the number of recruits was increasing on daily basis.

A large number of guerrilla force cannot be concealed and unless they are separated into small units, they would be quickly detected by government forces.

The border front helps in the quick movement of supplies from neighbouring Rwanda, Burundi and Tanzania.

The key operative in this NRA trek was Commander Chef Ali who had operated in the Rwenzori mountains for long. Chef Alis guidance, connections and experience was of great assistance.

The other Commanders laid a support plan for better organisation. The guerrilla force was split into three batallions, the Population camp , the Sick bay and the Mobile brigade . Commander Salim Saleh led the Mobile Brigade. Commander Steven Kashaka led one of the brigades. Moses Kigongo led the population camp.

The sick bay had the sick and casualties.
The over all protection of the trekking force was by Steven Kashaka before the start of the journey, Kashaka brigade was deployed along River Mayanja while another back up protection remained in Luwero. One of the three brigades was commanded by David Sejusa who also took care of the sick bay.

The third brigade was led by Fred Rwigyema
The Obote troops were duped that the NRA were withdrawing to a neighbouring country.
During the trek, the Protection brigade kept warding off attacks by the Obote forces.
Notably the Kashaka brigade fought in an ambush in which we lost one of the most formidable Commanders Musisi Karampenge.

We also lost the communication battery which we were to recover in the next two days.
At Kembogo, there was another battle. The Sejusa Sejusa batallions and the sick bay were attacked . The Mobile brigade came to the rescue of the sick bay and also fought at Mataba swamp.

Gen Salim Saleh and Gen Fred Rwigema

The trek cost the NRA guerrilas much. Fighters and commanders were lost until our final destination.

Tribute to Fred Rwigyema. Chef Ali, Salim Saleh, Steven Kashaka, Matayo Kyaligonza and David Sejusa and the gallant fighters the NRA.


Where Credibility Matters.

Added by Rpf Gakwerere: After arriving on the edges of Rwenzori, Fred Rwigema was then tasked by head of NRA, Yoweri Museveni to lead what was then known as the Western Axis.

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